Dhambithayavum / Magaperuvum

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Animated Cartoon DVD explaining steps for Achieving pregnancy or avoiding Pregnancy in Malayalam & Tamil.

A very educative animated cartoon DVD in Malayalam & Tamil is now available in India and USA.

Why is this DVD good to watch?

    1. It gives good information about female reproductive system and the importance of observing mucus to predict her ovulation which is vital for natural birth control or to achieve pregnancy.

     Most of the time when issue less couples contact us, we understand most of them are ignorant of the menstruation cycle. This DVD is very valuable for such couples.  Newly married couples will find it extremely useful.

  Also couples who have problems getting pregnant will find this as a boon. in our experience most couples miss having sex on the ovulation day and this DVD is a great tool to learn about finding the ovulation day.

       We have helped a lot of couples to correct their fertility issues by Pancha bhoota healing method and accompanied by the information in this DVD to know about the ovulation day.

     This DVD is produced by Family Americas Foundation and we have dubbed into Malayalam and Tamil (soon in other Indian languages based on request) with permission.