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This CD helps to relieve stress and helps to connect with the source of Pancha-bhootas for healing. It is a guided relaxation.

Just lie down on the bed and listen to the CD. Many report us they get very sound sleep and they feel much relaxed when they get up. It relieves stress.

Relaxation tape helps you to relax from the toes to the brain. The CD guides you to relax all the parts of your body both external and internal with a gentle background music. Everyday listening to the CD relaxes and relieves the body and mind stress. The auto suggestions given in the CD improves positive thoughts and thus enhances healing. Everyday when the body is put to positive commands the body becomes healthy.

Many people have experienced various benefits of this tape. Some have given up using valium for sleeping disorders after using this CD. One gets good sound sleep even before the 10 minutes relaxation program. Many have experienced becoming more positive in life. Most of the benefits are not only grossly noticed because also at the subtle level.

This relaxation CD is like the parade conducted by soldiers in front of the commander every morning in an army camp. This establishes link between the commander (mind) and soldiers (body) and results in sound health. (Read more details about this in fire therapy section.).

There is a short relax of 9 minutes and a long relax of 19 minutes in the CD. You can play according to your choice.