Healing Yoga

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This DVD  helps you to learn the healing yoga based on the tradition of Maharshi Vethathri. The yoga is demonstrated to you by Dr. Sathish Kumar Sabapathi and voice by Dr.Pradheep Chhalliyil and Mrs.Priya K Chhalliyil.

This yoga is simple, does not involve any asanas. It takes everyday 30 minutes to do. It includes all body movements which helps the mind and the body to connect, movements which helps in the flow of vital energy, self- acupressure, self –massage and bio-feed back therapy, foot reflexology, relaxation and meditation. . These are sufficed for the cancer healing or for any other disease and also can be done by any one who wants to keep body healthy. These simplified exercise can be done either in the morning or in the evening. The best part of this yoga method is that they heal the body. It improves circulation and clears toxins from the body. It sets the mind for meditation without any concentration. It connects mind and body. Doing relaxation after this yoga is a great experience.

All the sales of this DVD,  support various Charitable activities of Sakthi Foundation, mainly poor children education. thank you for buying this DVD and supporting a noble cause.